Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is one of the methods used in the indestructible control laboratory to determine the technical condition of technological equipment, pipelines and buildings.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement is carried out to estimate the actual value of the wall thickness of a metal structure in places inaccessible to a mechanical measuring instrument.

The main advantage of ultrasonic thickness measurement


  1. Ability to measure the thickness of the product in places inaccessible to a mechanical measuring instrument.
  2. The thickness of the object is determined with maximum accuracy, without any damage3. Elimination of traditional errors, as well as errors due to the distribution of electromagnetic forces in the surface layer of the control object.
  3. UTM is a mobile, accurate and highly effective examination method that eliminates traditional error.
  4.  Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) is implemented by  EN 14127-2011 and ISO 9712-12


Personal qualification

I, II and III level indestructible control specialists are be allowed to carry out the works, by the ISO 9712 standards.